02 February 2018

The Things They Carried ~ Tim O'Brien

**** RECOMMEND ****

Take a deep breath, have a long sigh
Powerful and raw, like picking a scab

01 February 2018

Goodbye, Vitamin ~ Rachel Khong

*** LIKE ***

Soft & sad, bittersweet and wryly funny
A warm story of relationships

06 January 2018

How To Stop Time ~ Matt Haig

x NO x

Time seemed interminable while I was reading/skimming it
Dribbles of history clung like student's notes to a lame narrative

05 January 2018

A Wrinkle In TIme ~ Madeleine L'Engle

* NO *

So dated, such stilted language, such cardboard characters
Just like a wrinkle, is shows its age - and not well

04 January 2018

Fever Dream ~ Samantha Schweblin

** OK **

Never a fan of "and then I woke up", "and then I died" isn't any better
It was creepy, easy-to-read and peculiar but, best of all, it was short