08 September 2014

Neuromancer ~ William Gibson


A head-trip of hallucinations
Found myself just reading words

I will admit I fretted over my rating.  What if I just wasn't smart enough to get it?  What if I should read it again to decipher it better?  Aren't I geeky enough? What is my problem??

But basically, it just wasn't me.  Its convoluted mind games, its "and then I woke up" feel, its virtual unreality ... just wasn't me.  To each his own.  Basically I found it boring, hard to follow, and, at times, gibberish and phantasmagoria.  The plot and characters were lost in the vagaries of cyberspace.

07 September 2014

Between Here And The Yellow Sea ~ Nic Pizzolatto


didn't grab me...or leave me wanting more ... have only read the first 2 ... will come back to it before I rate it

06 September 2014

How a Mother Weaned Her Girl from Fairy Tales ~ Kate Bernheimer

x NO x

Hope I was open minded ... think I gave it a fair go.  Did not like her previous book at all ... got this on the Kindle for Alphie
Read two of the short stories ... stinkers ... enough for me

Love this quote from a review :
The writing is deliberately sparse, intended, Bernheimer said, to leave “nonrepresentational space, meant to allow lucid encounters”

Yep ... that is another way of describing this self righteous wankiness  ... so instead of a review I will just leave a representational space

05 September 2014

After Darkness ~ Christine Piper

** OK **

After Darkness ... was light
As in light-weight

Don't mean to sound condescending but it was a good read - suitable for serialisation in a light-weight weekly mag.  It was nice, light, easy-reading historical fiction.  It was strong on context but weak on content, as in, the author managed to give a sense of place and historical detail but the characterisation and plotline were dull.

The narrative skirted around the darker aspects of the subject material with violence kept at arms length.  In fact anything that could be considered a bit nasty ... from camp latrines to personal privations ... was excised from the novel.  The horrors of chemical warfare were alluded to but the war itself was just a backdrop.  Sex never reared its ugly head except for sweetly colouring his relationship with the unattainable nun, and frequent reference to his melancholy marriage.  Whoops, I forgot ... there was that one nasty guard ... boo hiss ... but he got his come-uppence ... suspended without pay!

The voice of the first person narrative is restrained and understated.  His relationships with others lack empathy and intimacy.  Fine, that was the way he was meant to be written, but, given that the pivotal point to his character is his belief in honour, dignity and "saving face", I found his behaviour lacked verisimilitude (eg, the very public tears in the courtroom).  At times he seemed to just go through the motions and this lead to a failure to engage me as a reader.  There was a lack of passion, a lack of poignancy.  The climax of the book was as murky as the dust storm that shrouded it.  Too much of the narrative was loosely strung together historical research. 

Interesting ... yes.
Engaging read... moderately so.
Did I care what happened to the characters ... no, they were boring, with no life breathed into them, behaving in unbelievable ways so that all that research didn't go to waste.

And I am just not sure how the title relates to the narrative?

04 September 2014

Broken Monsters ~ Lauren Beukes

*** LIKE ***

Fragmented ending with a broken ending
Monster murderer nothing new

03 September 2014

The Wonders ~ Paddy O'Reilly


A book with no heart, that never took wings, and a very woolly storyline.
It's a wonder I finished it!

02 September 2014

Winter's Bone ~ Daniel Woodrell

*** LIKE ***

Icy cold and trimmed to the bone
Poetic and eloquent in its sparse writing