08 August 2011

The City And The City ~ China Mieville


Multiple Award Winning Sci-Fi detective story :
Phillip K Dick meets Raymond Chandler?

Took me quite a while to get into it but then it paid off.

This is a sci-fi detective story. The book blurb compares it to Phillip K Dick meets Raymond Chandler ... slightly overgenerous praise.

The City is kind of a doppelganger of The City. They co-exist, not as parallel universes but within and beside each other. This was a good analogy to the blind eye we turn to groups within our society (the poor, different racial groups) or to suburban enclaves. People were trained from birth to “unsee” the other City, even though it may be just across the street. Contact between the two Cities is strictly controlled and enforced by Breach.

Turned out to be interesting and unusual. But lots of long, poorly constructed sentences. Quite wordy and the plot became convoluted.

Winner of Hugo, Nebula, Arthur C Clarke ... big stuff