07 October 2011

My Sister's Keeper ~ Jodi Picoult


Welcome to my first and last Jodi Picoult
Mawkish mucky muck

Just not my kind of a read ... if it is going to be melodrama then I will take it in period costume. This was trying to be philosophical but fell on its arty arse. The multiple narrative was woeful ... the “voice” used was the same, usually impossible to tell (without names) who was narrating the chapter. (Maybe the problem is that I have recently read some great change of voice/point -of-view multiple narratives that work in spades!!)

I found the characterisations a bit on the clunky side, lacking credibility. In fact there were too many characters who were not relevant to the plot ... what was the point of the lawyer’s old love affair?

Maybe the only problem with the surprise ending is that they weren’t all treated to the same fate!