04 November 2011

How I Became A Famous Novelist ~ Steve Hely


Awesome! Funny, funny book.
A perfect companion for “The Bear Went Over The Mountain”

I really enjoyed this ... smiled my way through ... loved the irony of writing a novel about writing a novel which is all about suckering the public to buy it ... and the merchandise ... and the movie rights. This is a wonderful satire about understanding the formula to writing a best seller and is complete with jottings from a range of genres where the ‘author’ is trying his hand at various styles. (And I even loved the over embellished, over emotive, claptrap he was dabbling in ! ... ahhh! I must be ripe for the picking ... I obviously can’t tell a Booker from a Bestseller!).

It is all here : literary pretension, publicity posing, selling out, cliched cleverness, a real insight into writing a novel.

Makes it hard to look at a popular novel/novelist the same way!

And then they reviewed it on First Tuesday Book Club ... and generally panned it! HUMBUG!!!

Winner : Thurber Prize for American Humor (2010)

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