01 April 2012

A Visit To Don Otavio ~ Sybille Bedford


Non Fiction, Mexican travel diary
Another "if only I'd read it before visiting Mexico!!!!"

Just loved it! It is so hard not to be boring and cliched and write that this was "charming" ... but it charmed the socks off me. Her observations were unaffected and personal, sometimes insightful, sometimes naive.

This was travel writing at its best. You visit Mexico (early 1950's) through her eyes and see the colour, taste the food, feel the hospitality and become immersed in the history. And all with a laugh. Her observations are simply and humorously written, the information is fascinating and the writing style is compelling ... a perfect combination for a personable, yet idiosyncratic, travelogue.

I am sure that everyone who reads this book would sigh with a wish that they could have travelled with her!