03 July 2012

Crossing To Safety ~ Wallace Stegner

 **** RECOMMEND ****

Finalist : National Book Critics Circle Award  1987
First Tuesday Book Club

A time when we were selfless rather than self-serving
Eloquent Mature Comforting

This is one of those "quite achievers" that seeps into the recesses of you mind.  It is not big and showy.  It is not peopled with larger-than-life memorable characters.  But it is filled with high ideals, a forgotten humanity and decency, and a warm sense of time and place.

You are absorbed into their circle of friendship.  You want to experience the journey of life with them. You want to understand them.  And Stegner wants you there as well.

This is simple.  This is beautiful.  This is simply beautiful.  The writing is sensitive and evocative.  It recalls a time that may be forgotten - when we cared about the welfare others more than about self aggrandisement.