02 April 2013

The Burgess Boys ~ Elizabeth Strout

** OK **

A little tedious, a little flat, a little bland
Cursory rather than compelling

A big part of my problem with this is that I loved "Olive Kitteridge" and this didn't seep into my thoughts the same way.

The family dynamics seemed so false and manufactured, and we had to be constantly reminded (Bob = Loser, Susan = Bitter, Jim = Superior) without many more details or development, just a reiteration of character flaws.  It wasn't that I didn't "like" the characters (you weren't meant to!  they were rather unpleasant human beings), it was more that I found the writing of them superficial and contrived.

The plot twists were well done and helped maintain interest (though I cannot fathom how the socially inept, shy and immature Zach managed to get himself a passport so he could travel solo to Norway ... just defies imagination!!!)