02 April 2014

Frog Music ~ Emma Donoghue


This book croaked!
The narrative and characters were dead, dead, dead.

Should I just check the thesaurus for synonyms for "tedious" because I might overuse the word in my review? (Actually I am afraid that if I  looked up "tedious" I would probably see "Frog Music"!!)

If only I had checked and seen the rather long appendix.  It made far more interesting reading that the drivel presented as fictionalised history ... but sadly by then I had more than lost interested in it all. 

If only women dressing as men, or burlesque dancers engaging in raunchy sex made up for a boring storyline.  And making that storyline chronologically fractured did nothing to add to the mess.  Either did the insipid snippets of song lyrics.  Or the blathering conversations.

I love San Francisco and I love a a book with a strong sense of place.  Possibly the problem here was that it was so try-hard ... it tried hard to get in so much history that it seemed like a cut-and-paste from research notes, just point-form trivia. The feeling was missing : the feeling of being there, feelings for the welfare of the characters.