07 July 2014

California ~ Edan Lepucki

 ** OK **

Babes in the (red)woods
Another dystopian fairy tale

I quite enjoyed California. Not loved, but liked.

I was certainly happy to lose myself for a while in the redwoods …

Hansel and Gretel (aka Cal & Frida) are abandoned (by society) in the deep dark forest (the Californian Redwoods). They stumble around, helped by forest creatures (the Millers), before coming upon the enticing treats of the Gingerbread House (Micah’s village). But here, all that is good is not as it seems. The evil forces are about to do away with them but rescue is at hand and they are whisked to the safety of a Settlement (happily ever after-ish).

There were some annoying bits, eg, the rather symbolic turkey baster (when they didn’t seem to have packed any useful tools) but my biggest negative would be the predictable stereotyping of people (especially gender).

It was a diverting enough read – average, but diverting.  Too many lost opportunities.

Did I enjoy it? Yes.
Would I read the sequel that I feel it set up? Probably not.