03 October 2014

The Paying Guests ~ Sarah Waters



I wish I wasn't The Paying Reader!
Refund, anyone??

I was intrigued by the time and place, I was interested in the characters and their relationship, I liked the premise of the unfolding plot ... but it was soooooo repetitious, sooooooo tedious, so padded out with so much self indulgence.  It bored me stupid.

Short story?  Yes!  It would have made a great one!  But, as a novel, it lacked novelty. 

It was a romance ... it was a blighted love affair between one boring-as-batshit character and one trying-to-find-herself-wacko (actually both descriptions apply to both almost-indistinguishable characters!).  It wasn't even a case of style over substance!  The style was gushy, overwrought, period chic lit ... the substance could have been good but it took sooooo long to get anywhere (actually, at two thirds I skipped to the end! Enough was enough!)

This was my first Waters and I was expecting so much, given the reviews for this and her previous good standing ... now I don't know if she is worth the effort!