01 January 2015

A Brief History Of Seven Killings ~ Marton James


I remember school days toiling over my Latin translations ... 
didn't enjoy it ... and it all came back to haunt me with this!

If patois is defined as : a form of a language that is spoken only in a particular area, then I am not going to rate myself as a "fail" for not enjoying the struggle to read this!  In fact, I didn't enjoy it so much that I didn't finish it!

The pigin dialect being used, the constant jargon of the language, was a struggle.  And to further fracture the reading, the story itself jumped between points of view and the timeline.  And close to 700 pages of unstructured language and plotline.

Clever?  Maybe.
A struggle to read?  Totally.

I can see myself writing The Great Australian Novel, cockkers with the vernacular!  
But I will just start with this review (in the Great Australian Vernacular ... and at least I provided a translation): 

Crikey, chinas! Thought I'd need the ambo! I was a cot case.  At first I thought, she'll be apples.  I'll give it a burl!!  But then I realised my noggin was cactus!  I was cheesed off and about to do my lolly.  Fair crack of the whip! I had buckleys of sussing out the lingo! Thought I was a drongo!  A no-hoper! But stone the crows!!!  This was a stinker for me as a reader! A write off!

Good heavens, mates!  Thought I'd need an ambulance!  I was done in.  At first I thought, it'll be all right.  I'll give it a go!!  But then I realised that my brain was broken!  I was annoyed and about to get angry.  Ease up! I had no chance of understanding the language!  Thought I was a stupid person!  An incompetent person! But wow!!!  This was objectionable for me as a reader!  A total loss!