04 January 2016

The New World ~ Chris Adrian & Eli Horowitz

** OK **

Artsy, experimental artifice
Disappeared up its own oriface

By the time we got to the pointy end of the pyramid it was digital drivel. 
... Ohh!  How clever!  What an interesting way to finish! 
... Hogwash!  Gimmickry!

The novel started out with such promise as futuristic genre writing.  Its chapters changed in point of view and place in time.  It was an interesting take on cryogenics and grief and love.

But then it started to wallow. It could have been a great short story rather than a novella (it was only 150 odd pages ... shorter actually if you don't count the rubbish at the end).  Instead it became a Cheshire Cat, leaving you with nothing but a smug grin.

It only rates the 2 stars because of the first two thirds and the promise of the premise, but the annoying ending makes me inclined to give it a 1!