05 March 2017

I Can Jump Puddles ~ Alan Marshall

****RECOMMEND ****

I could say it no better than words taken from the book :

Marshall says :

"I wanted to do so much more than record the experiences of a little boy faced with the problem of crutches; I wanted to give a picture of a period that has passed."

The publisher's note at the end says :

"In his later life, Alan remarked that being on crutches from this time forced him to be an observer, an onlooker, and a more compassionate person - all qualities of a successful novelist.  His work is characterised by his astute eye for detail and his ability to illuminate life's small but meaningful things...  Life in the country - on the land and in the bush - features prominently in his work, which celebrates the camaraderie of Australian working-class life."

This was a delight!