02 June 2011

The Last Werewolf ~ Glen Duncan


Reviewed on First Tuesday Book Club (but had found it first)
Schlock Horror of high quality

Alphie had read this before we left home on the There & Back Again Tour and even though I have loaded up my Kindle with 40 odd books (Pulitzer, Booker, Poe, Dagger etc winners plus pop fiction plus past classics), I started with this “hard copy” of pulp horror fiction. And so glad I did A plus was the lovely quality of the paper and print ... for even though I am being won over by the Kindle, there is something about a “good book”.

I enjoyed it ... for schlock horror it was well constructed and well written. The literary and popular references were cute (“Dear Reader, I ate him.”). The story kept an even pace with plenty of action, romance and mayhem (ok, gory werewolf violence and physically explicit sex).

While not my fav of the genre this year (definitely “The Passage” by Justin Cronin followed by the two “Sandman Slim” novels by Richard Kadrey) it was a good read and I wish I had brought “I, Lucifer” with me.

First Tuesday Book Club