06 June 2011

Lost In A Good Book ~ Jasper Fforde

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A Thursday Next Novel
You can’t help but say “And now for something completely different!”

Jasper Fford’s sci-fi detective novels are completely insane. They are peopled by strangely named characters (fav from this one was Aubrey Jambe) and plotlines are just plain weird. They are littered with literary references and are a fun, rollercoaster of a ride.

This was the second “Thursday Next” novel that I have read (have also read one of the “Nursery Crime” series) and have “Shades of Grey” downloaded on the Kindle.

I had to stop myself from jumping straight from “Lost In A Good Book” to downloading the next “Thursday Next” ... a bit like Chinese takeaway ... really enjoy it but leaves you wanting more shortly afterwards.

Suspend all beliefs and have some fun