03 July 2011

Caribou Island ~ David Vann

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A bit of a morbid/depressing read!
Bleak House being built in a Bleak Place by Bleak People

Had read reviews of this book on SF Gate but resisted ... gave in to this resistance after his guest appearance on “First Tuesday Book Club”. He was very eloquent, well read and interesting ... and this book was the same (eloquent, well expressed, easy read but with depth)

The book was short and rather brutal about human relationships. The setting was as stark as the characters. Set in Alaska and it didn’t gussy it up as an idyllic escape but maybe more as a frontier for those with a set of problems.

The husband-wife relationship was a bit on the scary side. Other relationships weren’t quite as as well developed. While I found their interpersonal relationships believable, I thought the ending rushed itself.