02 July 2011

Skippy Dies ~ Paul Murray


Longlisted : Man Booker Prize 2010
Finalist : National Book Critics Circle Award 2010 
Tournament of Books : 2011

A wonderful multilayered read.

Hard to use the word “enjoyed” ... it was so melancholic with dashes of sweet humour... but it was an such an enjoyable read. It was a well written and absorbing narrative, jumping between characters and voice.

Yes, Skippy dies right at the beginning .... he is a teenage schoolboy at an exclusive Irish boarding school. The story gives background to Skippy and his friends with teenage angst and coming of age, but also gives background though the stories of the school staff.

There is a mix of bullying (by the boys and their teachers) and pedophilia and the sad tangles of life that impacted on Skippy.

Alphie also really enjoyed this ... for a different set of reasons ... as I said, it is multi-layered and has many themes running through it.