05 September 2011

The Well Of Lost Plots ~ Jasper Fforde

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#3 in the Thursday Next series
Like drowning in a Well ... and the Plot was a little Lost

This one didn’t tickle my fancy anywhere near as much as the previous Thursday Next novels. I love the witty literary references and the madcap ridiculousness of the alternate world of Reading but this one wasn’t a racy read.

Maybe because the action took place in Bookworld (working for Jurisfiction) and was more about text and grammar (beware of attacking grammasites) and punctation (who stole all the punctuation from Ulysses) and spelling (with the misspeling vyrus) it all became a bit overloaded.

Buuuuut ... I’ll be ready (sometime) for another in the series just because Fforde has a wonderful way with puns and word play and are so imaginative. (#4 “Something Rotten” ... hmmm not sure how much I’m into Shakespeare?!)

Loved the bit where the rabbits fro Watership Down have overbred ... but Lenny likes to come and visit them.