02 June 2012

101 Things ... about the Titanic ~ Tim Maltin


101 Things You Thought You Knew 

About The Titanic But Didn't

Not for me
101 Things I didn't really want to know

 It was the anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic ... and I thought there might be some interesting trivia ... but this was one for Titanic philes ... a lot of humdrum information with excerpts from the inquiries.  And maybe giving it the cutesy title meant that he had to think up 101 things so there was a bit of repetition that didn't add anything to the interest level.

The good thing about it was that the information was arranged under bold headings styled as questions.  This made skimming really easy ... just flip though to the next question.  And the questions were answered firstly with a Yes/No before the more detailed trivial minutiae that followed.