01 June 2012

Blackout ~ Mira Grant

~ OK ~

Enjoyed #1, hated #2,
This was between the two of them

I thought #1 in the trilogy, Feed, was a great concept with political and moral themes. Deadline, # 2 in the trilogy, was appalling.  (See previous reviews) So I was worried before I even started!

However, while this didn't measure up to Feed, it was waaaaay better than Deadline.   This one was told from the points of view of Shaun and Georgia.  As with Deadline there is an extreme amount of unnecessary repetition.  But it is not as extreme-extreme and I found that whenever I was at a Shaun-narrated part of the story I was able to simply skim and avoid his constant references to Coke and the ohhhh-Georgia's-voice-in-his-head loopiness.

I have just removed the * LIKE * rating ... as I wrote this I figured that I had initially given it that rating simply because it was as repellent as Deadline!  BUT ... it was a good wrap up to the series and it is a shame that it wasn't a neater package of two books that made use of the clever ideas introduced in Feed.