04 May 2014

An Untamed State ~ Roxane Gay

 **** RECOMMEND ****

You can't avert your eyes from the emotional wreckage
I guess it wouldn’t be promoted by Haiti Tourism!

This is a cold hard read.  It is unrelenting in its awfulness.  It has a dark, dark heart that is wrapped in pain and despair.  It is sexually violent, misogynistic, an accusation of political and moral corruption and a bleak picture of a spiral into depression.

But with all those evils, with all its brutality, it was an unmissable read.

My main negative was that, as the narrative was very much from the point of view of the victim, Mireille,  some of the other characters and relationships were not fully developed.  And there was an element of emotional manipulation with the use of repetition and highly-polished, overwrought sentences.