01 May 2014

The Bees ~ Laline Paull


Buzz off!  
Hive got better things to read, honey!

Wow!  Was this book overhyped and pushed hard by the publishers!  And for me it totally failed to fulfill the promise of : a dystopian future akin to A Handmaiden's tale, a speculative challenge as in The Hunger Games or a Cinderella retell set in a beehive.  All this and more was promised ... but for me it didn't come through.  It was about bees.  The End.

While there may have been some cute characterisation (plucky Flora) it all wore thin and droned on and on, pushing its religious doctrine.  I shy away from calling it superficial because there was a depth of knowledge provided about the workings of a hive but ultimately the narrative was bland (well, overly sweet actually!).