04 December 2011

The Chrysalids ~ John Wyndham

 *** FAVOURITE ***

Could be on today's bestseller list!
Religious fundamentalists in a dystopian world

First published in 1955, this book, with its theme of persecution, is as fresh as a daisy. I read it as a teen and loved it ... but loved it even more this time around.

The pace of the narrative was unrelenting ... it was go to whoa storytelling with natural characters and suspenseful action. The children need to survive in and escape from, a paranoid, intolerant, repressive world. Maybe last time I read it as kids-own-adventure stuff whereas this time I was so struck by the underlying questions about society. And is the society that rescued them any better, any less judgmental?

More Wyndham to come! I shall have to revisit my previous favourite, The Day Of The Triffids.