07 December 2011

Feed ~ Mira Grant


Putting new life into Zombie Literature!
A great pop culture tribute

There was something here for everyone ... so you didn't even have to be into zombies. The title/cover was a clever play on words/icons. There are lots of make-you-smile references to George Romero's zombie movies ... which, in the future, have now moved out of the realm of cult movies to survival guides.

In the (as always) dystopian future, after The Rising, the survivors have to worry about not just zombie attacks but the radical religious right politicians that continue to plague the world. Fear is used as a control mechanism by the power hungry (sound familiar?).
Blogging is a legitimate arm of the media specialising in on the spot live feeds - with Newsies (providing the facts), Stewarts (providing the opinion), Irwins (providing the action) and Fictionals (providing the literary take) ... and, yes, that is Stewarts after Jon and Irwins after Steve.

The book was overly long (and it is Part 1 of a trilogy), a little repetitive and there was a lot of explanation about how The Rising came about ... but it was not zombie-trance inducing.

Loved the pop culture references.

Hugo Award Nominee for Best Novel 2011