09 December 2011

Deadline ~ Mira Grant


Does she think we have the brain of a zombie???
#2 of Newsflesh Trilogy
There were so many times while reading this book that I had to put myself on auto pilot and just keep reading while gnashing my teeth!

#1 (Feed) was a great Zombie book but this second one in the trilogy was a good idea poorly executed (but like any good zombie, it kept getting up and walking again). The editor let too much through to the keeper.

There was way (waaaaaay) too much repetition to remind us what happened in #1. Constant. All the time. Repetitive.

The "talking" to his sister wore so (soooooo) thin. Oooooh! only you can hear her ~ everyone thinks you're crazy!! Give us a break ~ I got it the first time. Constant. All the time. Repetitive.

The references to Shaun drinking Coca Cola (because his sister was in his head) was ... you guessed it ... constant. All the time. Repetitive.

There were other annoying bits :
Shaun's childishness (OMG ... the survival of the human race depends on him ... Help!!)
Shaun's willingness to gloss over and forgive Buffy, their partner and friend who had duped them but his antagonistic and unforgiving attitude towards Kelly because she had worked for the baddies before coming over to the good side.
The characters were very flat.

But ... I am looking forward to #3!
#1 had a great political background, #2 had a more medical background. It was a page-turning read in need of a good edit