06 January 2012

Alias Grace ~ Margaret Atwood

** LIKE **

Shortlisted : Booker Prize 1996
Nominated : Orange Prize 1997

Just not sure about this one
Based on a true story

There is no denying that Atwood is an awesomely good writer. This was a pleasure to read. She establishes strong, believable characters in clearly described settings. I loved the sense of place and time (Toronto area in the 1860's and before in flashbacks). This was a who-done-it with an upstairs-downstairs feel.

The period drama / historical novel was good reading but I felt it was a little long-winded with the narrative getting lost in the slow pace. I wasn't at all fussed about the "twist" ~ felt it was a little lame and still left that red-herring taste in your mouth (was she possessed? split personality? play acting?).