07 January 2012

The Getaway ~ Jim Thompson


Cold blooded crime.
Classic Pulp, Classic Noir, Classic Thompson

Hope it is not a character reflection to say that you enjoy a book like this!

This book is dark and violent. Murder and mayhem abound with barely a backward glance. There is plenty of bloodshed and and inhuman brutality ... in fact, there is little else! But Thompson is a master of the genre ... fast paced and unapologetically violent. The writing is clean and vivid (well, it became a little off kilter at the end).

A good, page-turning read ... until the end ... an oddly surreal part of the narrative. I get it ... they ended up in a bizarre prison of their own making; that what we see as the prize can turn out to be the punishment ... but to me, it was confused.

I haven't seen either movie but now want to.