01 January 2012

Catcher In The Rye ~ J. D. Salinger


Catching up with a Classic
A Christmas present from Alphie

 The character of Holden is so brilliantly written. Holden is so able to bring out the best and worst reaction in you within the same sentence. Like driving past a disaster, you just have to see the worst and hope for the best. You want to shake him and hug him at the same time. And at times I had to stop reading because I was too worried about what might happen to him!

The voice of Holden is rich with rye opinion and delivered in his whiny, endearing vernacular. Holden is cynical ~ but not the voice of a typical cynical teenager ~ he is damaged goods who wants a perfect world but sees only "phonies". He is such a touching malcontent.

A wonderfully simple complex read!