07 May 2012

The Monsters of Templeton ~ Lauren Groff


A coming-of-age story for a town and its inhabitants
Multi layers of monsters, past and present

 I really enjoyed this!  It was quirky and you had to pay attention as it jumped along a timeline and between characters.  I found it played with the reader, inviting you to swim with the monsters, while slowly eking out the history of the family (and Cooperstown ... whoops ... Templeton).

There were mysteries to be revealed and solve. Willie embellishes the family tree, filling in the gaps through her research and, in doing so, she becomes part of the town that has her family stamp on it.

Made me want to go and re-read "Last Of The Mohicans" by James Fenimore Cooper and certainly made me Google Cooperstown (its B&Bs and the Baseball Museum) and put it on my list of places-to-go.

This was a wonderful tribute by Groff to her hometown.