06 May 2012

The Song Of Achilles ~ Madeline Miller

Tournament of the Books : 2013 

Just didn't like it
Sword & Sandals bodice ripper

I am obviously in the minority ... it went on to win the Orange Award after I read it and before I got to write this review ... but it doesn't change my opinion.

I thought this was shallow and trite.  So, big deal, they were in a young homosexual relationship, but this seemed to be the repeated point of the novel.  Rather than the epic tale, this was nothing more than bodice-ripper.  Achilles ... sigh ... Patroclus ... sigh.  Enough already!!!  Don't care a fig about their sexual orientation, this just didn't provide the historical reality I expected and this was Homer-lite. I thought the author did not do "male" voice well and got away with it by making gush in a girly fashion.