04 May 2012

Say You're Sorry ~ Michael Robotham

Lucky me!!! Advance Copy
Masterful suspense.

This was an advance copy, not yet released.

While I think I enjoy the character of Ruiz better in the Robotham series, it seems that Joe O'Loughlin has been the hero of my two favourites, Shatter and now Say You're Sorry.  (But of course, I have also given my heart to Luca, the hero of The Wreckage, a highly recommended international intrigue.)

Say You're Sorry is a gripping page turner where you are presented with a slew of possible villains ... each one capable and a reasonable choice as the perpetrator.  But in your head you keep piecing information together (helped by Joe), discounting your last "Ahh Haa" moment and moving on to your next "maybe-its-???" consideration.

Sorry, no more ... no spoilers.  I shall have to come back for a rewrite after the release.

The narrative is presented from two viewpoints : Joe and the victim, a young girl held hostage (and that is another great plot device ... keeping you guessing as to her fate).  All the vulnerability and worldly bravado of a teenager were well written in the "voice" of the Piper, as were the intricacies of her family dynamics.

The only thing wrong with an Advance Copy, is that now I will have to wait for the next one! And you have the pleasure yet to come!!