04 August 2012

Gone Girl ~ Gillian Flynn

***** FAVOURITE *****
Tournament of the Books  : 2013

Excellent page turner,
Gotta love a psychopath!

Wonderfully written characters make this a riveting read.  You are waiting for what evil twist will come next ... what will unravel ... what will trip the evil bitch up.

The plotline isn't that typical one of conflict/resolution building to a crescendo.  Instead we are teasingly dripfed the revelations through alternating points of view ... but were this has been done before, in Gone Girl the twists and turns are constant and you are kept off kilter not knowing how things will develop.  It runs from intriguing (can't take your eyes of the car wreck of a marriage) to fascinating (like a mongoose fighting a cobra) to horrific (that car wreck just turned into a highway pileup of enormous proportion!).  And the ending is a sucker punch!  Takes your breath away.  Loved it ... so unconventional!

The language was witty and erudite, characters are uncomfortably believable and it was a darkly suspenseful novel.