01 August 2012

Talulla Rising ~ Glen Duncan

 ** LIKE **

It rose to the challenge of a good sequel.
Pros and cons but I was infected

I will admit it took a while for it to win me ... I really loved The Last Werewolf and initially thought that this was a second rate sequel.

This was a much faster paced book with many action sequences and lacking the rather cute literary references from TLWTLW was witty and clever, TR is gritty and dramatic.  The was a surfeit of sex in TLW but in TR it was way over the top. I don't feel that Duncan does female voice of Talulla as well as world weary Jake in TLW

But ... still ... I enjoyed it.  It is a well constructed page turner.  Characters had depth.  The premise Duncan constructed is thought out and the plot is plausible (ok ... I know it is a fantasy ... but it still has to believable!) ... background is provided, threads are knitted together ... and part 3 is set up!