03 August 2012

Wool ~ Hugh Howey

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This is actually "Book 1" of a 5 part omnibus
Don't know if I should/will continue!

It is not that it is a bad read ... it is more that it is over-hyped to the extreme.  For me this lead to dissatisfaction and a sense of is-that-all-there-is?

And I don't mean the brevity of the read.  It is a short story and is well executed.  But ground breaking, mind-blowing sci-fi .... I don't think so.  My goodness, Philip K Dick would rate off the screen with online rating.  I am trying hard not to think that the ratings and reviews are the work of trolls.  I am trying hard not to think they are disingenuous.  Buuuuuuut ... I am not succeeding. 

It is a clever story of a dystopian future but not in the realms of Margaret Atwood or Cormac McCarthy (just as a "for instance" because there are many others) when it comes to style and depth (they are worthy of the 5 star ratings!)

But I will continue.  I don't mind the episodic approach and think I will choose to read it that way, inserting a new episode into my reading at intervals rather than read the omnibus as one.