31 December 2012


Favourite Reads of 2012 ... and it isn't that easy!

This year there haven't been any that have grabbed me by the heart and become all-time, close-to-my-heart, favourites ... but there have been some damn fine, entertaining reads :

~ perfect pre-reading for my New England Road Trip
yet to be reviewed 
~ Oh my! Breathtaking!
An engrossing, disturbing, memorable book
~ Awesome! Just loved it!!!
And now I think I'll have to read some Dickens!
~ Wow! North Korea is another world entirely
Almost like sci-fi!
~ Excellent use of voice;
Masterful suspense.
~ Excellent page turner,
Gotta love a psychopath!
~ Chock-a-block with interesting trivia;
Totally readable, totally riveting!
~ Non Fiction, Mexican travel diary
Another "if only I'd read it before visiting Mexico!!!!"