05 December 2012

How Should A Person Be? ~ Sheila Heti


Tournament of the Books : 2013 

Answer to the question : Bored Stupid
Get over yourself!!!

I jumped to the end in the hope that they all died ... sadly, they didn't!

This is self indulgent, fatuous, aimless, drivel filled with pointless minutiae.

This was stream of consciousness writing that bludgeons you into boredom.  I actually checked info on the author (aged 35), and at least I will give credence to the fact that she seems to be able to write the thoughts of a vacuous 20-something-year-old.  But Heaven help us if this is a true picture of what goes on in the mind of contemporary young women.

Instead of groundbreaking, I found the writing "style" (huh!!!) to be lazy and incomplete.  Maybe the sex scenes are what give the novel its fame (The "Fear Of Flying" of today???).  Fine, she writes "sex" with no emotion ... and that fits with the rest of the no "narrative" (Huh! again) where there is no emotional connection with the "characters" (huh!!!!).