08 December 2012

The Night Surfer ~ Alpheus Williams

***** FAVOURITE *****

A dystopian present
Myths of old become a portent of our future

The Night Surfer is a wide ranging read in terms of location and time. The narrative is set on the coast : Emerald Beach, Australia and Santa Cruz, USA but there are also links to the rugged coast of Ireland. If you have an interest in Celtic myths, and how the storytelling of old is portent to our future, then you will find it here. 
I loved the imagery and mysticism of Amma and the stories she passes on to Frank (I will always be drawn to run my fingers over knitted cables to find the hidden “stories”).  These myths give the family lineage of the Night Surfer, Matty.

The main characters, Orson and Buster, on opposite sides of the Pacific, try to unlock the secrets of the strange events surrounding Matty’s disappearance.  Their efforts put them both in danger, and you are never sure who is good and who is evil, who you should trust and who will do you harm.

(This gives me the chance to say that immortal line : "Dear Reader, I married him.") 

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