02 November 2013

A Cook's Tour ~ Anthony Bourdain

In Search of the Perfect Meal

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Some reservations
A less than perfect meal

Watching "No Reservations" it all seems so unscripted, so shoot from the hip, so take it as it comes.  And I love that.  It is the world of the traveller. But that is my problem with this book ... I have seen the TV series and this is just a write up of the events so the spontaneity was missing.  

Maybe if I had read this first ... If only I had read this first ...

I loved Kitchen Confidential - laughed till my eyes watered, salivated over the food, thought it should be the book in the hand of every would-be apprentice chef.  A Cook's Tour contained humour (though not as barbed or insightful), travel, food, - all the right ingredients - but it didn't engage me.  It was a little bit of a jumble with some chapters better than others.  But it all felt more contrived in provoking reader (or viewer) reaction.