05 November 2013

Divergent ~ Veronica Roth


My divergent opinion : YUK 
Trite and contrived (whoops, you can only belong to one group) 

OK, so "divergent" means "departing from stereotypes" and the premise was that heroine didn't fit any of the stereotyped groups offered to her.  Sounds fine but the execution was ridiculous.  What could have been deep-and-meaningful was trite and contrived.

There seems to be a sly dig at intellectuals (who, of couse, must wear glasses), and hippy/pollyanna types who like to grow things, and pallid grey self depreciating do-gooders, and honestly, I can't remember the other loser group!  (Oh!  Just checked, they were the cannot-tell-a-lie group.  Honestly!) Not that they matter much because it rocks to be a tough guy, where brave equates to stupid-but-awesome.  

Character development was well nuanced.  No, sorry! says a member of Candor (honesty).

The book shows the tribulations of coming-of-age. No it doesn't, says a member of Erudite (knowledgeable).

This book might be just what you are looking for.  Ooo, yes, says a member of Amity, sipping on green tea (peaceful).

Have my copy. Please do, says a member from Abnegation (selflessness), and please take parts 2 and 3!

But someone from Dauntless doesn't need an opinion,  just a knife or a gun or a bit of hand-to-hand combat will resolve any differences of opinion.