04 November 2013

Girt ~ David Hunt

 The Unauthorised History of Australia

 **** RECOMMEND ****

Cheeky early Australian history, 
Warts and all (especially the warts!)

The author at times tried a little too hard to do a Brysonesque (Bill) look at early Australian history.  There were some points that rubbed (endless footnotes), humour that missed the mark, broadbrush generalisations,  and some rambles that seemed disjointed.

But, that being said, it is about time we had some Australian larrikin getting into print and telling our history with such wonderful irreverence.  This history has a sense of the ridiculous, a wry poke at political correctness, a satirical slant to conventional history.  And it is still a mine of trivial but true information.  While it is about early British settlement in Australia, there is plenty about world exploration, major historical figures and society of the time to give it wider appeal than just an Oz audience.

Bring on Part 2!

Caution : Avoid reading in public unless you like drawing attention to yourself.  You will tend to laugh out loud!