03 December 2013

A Tale For The Time Being ~ Ruth Ozeki

***** FAVOURITE *****

Tournament of Books : 2014

Like a flaky pastry - layer upon layer
Enclosing tasty morsels

I enjoyed this so much that I have avoided writing down my opinion about it because I could not possibly do it justice!  Many books are "multilayered" but this one does it so well.  

It is set in different geographic locations, different time periods, different generations, different cultures, different POV - but they all interlink and overlay each other.  

It explores Zen Buddhism, bullying, relationships, self esteem, mental illness, aging and more.  

There is a wealth of "trivial" information by way of footnotes (mainly Japanese background) and the autodidactic husband (a mine of information about everything from ocean currents to growing trees).  

The story is developed through narrative, diary entries, emails, dreams.  

There is a wisp of humor, a low note of despair, a fascination with the supernatural.  

I particularly loved the way it explored the relationship between the writer and the reader.  But then, I loved everything about this book - and engrossing, provoking, entertaining read.