04 December 2013

The Flame Throwers ~ Rachel Kushner

-X NO X-

Don't know about art (or motor cycles) ... 
But I know what I like (and it is not this)

This did not throw flames for me ... in fact, I threw the book (metaphorically speaking, as I was reading it on my Kindle).   And there were lots of metaphors in the narrative

Maybe, like artistic photos of tire tracks on a salt pan, this appeals to those who are far more hip than myself.  It is not that I like join-the-dots or paint-by-numbers but the topics of the narrative (art and motorcycles) bored me.  Was this why I couldn't engage with the narrative? 

The writing was vivid in places but it didn't convince me to finish.  The characters were players on a page.  The plot was ... hey, was there a plot?? There was a series of events but not much of a storyline.