05 December 2013

The Signature Of All Things ~ Elizabeth Gilbert


Tournament of Books : 2014

Tedious Boring Banal
Exposition with no characterisation 

Give me a break!  I only persevered because this had been recommended by a friend (even after I paled at the mention of Eat Pray Love).   And also because it is on the ToB X Long List (omg omg omg ... it couldn't possibly make the Short List! Please, NO!!!)

While there may be a lot of factual information, it is simply regurgitated in a neverending narrative peopled with dull characters. Blah blah blah ... Botany ... blah blah blah ... History ... blah blah blah ... Masturbation ... blah blah blah  ... a Touch of Everything (whoops, sorry to put that right after the masturbation reference).

The author has the gift of good description and has a broad spectrum of research showing through  but it is all buried in an avalanche of words.