01 February 2012

The Fall ~ Guillermo Del Toro & Chuck Hogan

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#2 in The Strain Trilogy
The Master takes control ... but Guillermo loses it!

Moving right along from #1, this is an action packed sequel. Not a lot of time is wasted in going back of the how-we-got-to-this-point from Book 1 which makes for great reading when you are reading the trilogy in sequence.

In some ways I felt that #2 actually was more involved in providing the history of the vampires. There was a fair amount of flashback and info fillers making it longer than it needed to be (don't famous people need an editor??). Yes, it is important to establish the Vampire Lore and expose the truth of their existence but this was a little too wordy at times.

There was more excitement in #1 and I felt the characterization was more compelling. I felt there wasn't a vivid picture of the chaos and mayhem that New York and the world would have been spiraling into.

But I am still cheering for humanity ... even though the Master seems to have the upper hand. So it is on to #3 ... and hoping it is as compelling as #1 rather (though Alphie liked #2 better! No accounting for taste!!)