04 February 2012

The Old Man And The Wasteland ~ Nick Cole


Old Man And The Sea + The Road = this book
Respectful homage? Plagiaristic copy? Creative laziness?

This was an Amazon Cheapie (99c) ... but was it a bargain?? It rates 4-and-a-half stars with Amazon with 573 reviewers. Man ... this guy has a lot of friends because there is no way it should be rating higher than the books it blends (hmmm a much nicer word than rips of!)

I am still not sure about how to review it. It mimicked the style of The Old Man And The Sea with a storyline that that mimicked The Road. And it did this in a slim volume that read well ... but the creativity was as thin as the book.

It was an easy read that became repetitive and there was zero character development. Throw in some ravenous wolves (and tell the story through their eyes ... sheesh!!), some moronic cannibals, and a heroic (but dead) survivor who left "composition books" of instructions ... and still it was all lightweight.

* Now realise that the correct term is "trope" rather than homage ... making this tripe trope