06 February 2012

Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark ~ Guillermo Del Toro

~ OK ~

Hmmm running out of things to read on Alphie's Kindle
A book that would be better read as a hard copy

This book didn't grab me. I was definitely ready for a change of genre and probably shouldn't have even started it when I did.

Given the diary style narrative interspersed with the reference catalogue of fairy research, I think I would prefer a hard copy where you could flip through and have a better display of graphics ... the book lends itself to being visual and this was lost on the Kindle.

In the end, I skimmed the catalogue sections and just read the diary extracts. The catalogue covered the research into fairy gentry across the world, much of which I was already familiar with, ie folklore. (And besides ... where were all the nice little fairies???).

The narrative was about the researchers obsession which all came to no good and a grisly end. And it was only the thin mortar between the bricks. Ho Hum as a read but could have been good as a coffee table style illustrated book.