02 February 2012

The Night Eternal ~ Guillermo Del Toro & Chuck Hogan


#3 in The Strain Trilogy
I found this a strain

I have a problem with trilogies that shouldn't be. Why say it in three books when a thoughtful edit will present a tighter narrative in one? Is is because the author puts out #1 without a clear path to the conclusion? What is wrong with a two-book series?

Does it seem like I just didn't get into #3?

This read like one of kick-high action movies. It was one eternal chase sequence interspersed with fights. There was little development of the story ... which is fine because the background and narrative has been set up in #1 & #2 ... but there needs to be some reason for #3 existing other than just "It's a wrap".

The religious explanation was a bit "meh" and Eph's behaviour was a stretch. I really felt a lack of verisimilitude with the way they lived in the middle of the vipers' nest, found petrol, caught trains, hack multiple vamps etc. And that Saturday Matinee scene with Nora and Mr Barnes ... OMG cheesy! The solution was a little overly coincidental given that there were three books getting to this point (like ... thank goodness someone/God spoke in the ear of that lonely astronaut so that her ship became a flaming star ... it's a sign, it's a sign)